How to Use Whizzl [English]
Ever wonder if your feedbacks or concerns are heard?
Wondering if organizations or service providers have responded to them?
Having doubts that the reviews you see online are reliable or not?
Set your worries aside and let us introduce to you – WHIZZL!

You may be wondering what is Whizzl, and how does it work. Fret not! We will explain to you step by step how you can use this app with ease.

What is Whizzl?
Whizzl is a universal social feedback platform for every citizen to voice their comments, reviews, and concerns.

Who is it for?
Any citizen who is a customer, property manager, or service provider is welcomed to use the app!

How to search for a community?
There are two main ways to go about this:

  1. Click on the QR Code Scanner on the top right corner
  2. Search using the Search Icon on the top left corner

Once you have selected the specific outlet, click on the add icon to make a review. Here, you will be able to include what you want to say or comment on. You can attach a photo or use hashtags.

Do take note that there are two post types: Feedback as well as Post/Suggestion. If you tick on feedback, you will realize there’s an “OPEN” status on your post once you publish it. This means the organization has yet to take any action. Once the organization has responded, the status bar will change to “IN PROGRESS”, and when they are done, it will become “REQUEST CLOSE”. During this time, you can rate the performance of the organization. Only you can rate it, and once you have, the status will be updated to officially “CLOSED”.

On the main page of each outlet/service provider, you will also find three main tabs – Posts, Feed, and Announcement, whereby you will be able to view different posts according to their category. Moreover, you can see others’ posts, comment on them, or like the posts available.

How to Create a Community?
To manage a community, you must first create a community. Simply click on the ‘community’ word at the bottom of your home page and click on the ‘Add’ icon. Do make sure your GPS is turned on while you do this for it to work.

The page will look as shown above. After you have completed the necessary details, just click ‘CREATE NOW’ and you are set to manage your community page.

How to Manage a Community?
Once you have your community page ready, click on ‘manage’, which will bring you to the dashboard. There will be two main icons on the top right which you can see – the menu icon as well as the more options icon. Under the ‘more options’ icon is where community managers can view their profiles and edit accordingly. Both information on Private Policy and Terms of Use can be found there.

On the other hand, when clicked on the menu icon, a list of items will appear on the left. We will go through each and every item with you below.

Dashboard – This is what you see the moment you click on ‘manage’. A summary of events is shown here such as the number of posts, feedbacks, and reports. Admins will also get a notification on their side if users have posted something new. All these data can be exported to excel file.

People – When selected, the word ‘staff’ and ‘member’ will appear, allowing you to view and monitor the list of employees in the community, as well as those who have joined as a member. You can view the staff list, add new staff members, and admins even have the option to export the list of staff via email. For members, you have the option to view and export the list as well.

Post – Divided into four types of category lists, namely feedback, post/suggestion, announcement, and reported post list. This enables admin to save time in monitoring.

If you click into it, you can filter via either status or severity or both. If we look at the status section, you can see which are still ‘open’, ‘in progress’ or ‘closing’. For severity status, you can find which posts are of low, medium, or high priority and this helps managers to prioritize easier. Similar to the previous sections, the data can be exported.

CMS – Here is where community managers can create an announcement. It is pretty simple – just type what you need, attach an image, or a document (if you have any) and that’s it!

As a community admin, you can also create an announcement in your community directly by clicking the “Add” icon on your community main page, followed by the “loudspeaker” icon. Announcements made are 100% reachable to all community members, reducing communication breakdowns between members.

There is also another section titled “Questionnaire” under CMS. This one works like a member application form whereby you can set basic questions for potential members to fill before joining your community.

Statistic – This item is mainly for managers to monitor the data of the page. Basically, it works like a report generator. If you click on the Member Report section, you can view who has joined the community, and when.

Organization – This is the settings page to adjust how you want your community to look like, and what specific details of your organization is shared to the public. Basic settings can be found here and community managers can change them according to their needs and preferences.

At the bottom of the menu icon, we can also see the ‘PREMIUM SERVICES’ section. They have Visitor Management System, Facility Booking, Form Builder, and Defects form (For developers). But today we will focus on Form Builder because this feature will benefit most of us. If you click into it, again, the filter option is available, whereas at the lower page you can create a new form.

After selecting ‘New Form’, there will be basic information to complete. If you scroll down, there is an empty space available to design the form to your liking. They have quite a few selections and if you are not satisfied with the style, you can just reselect the sections and remove them.

To sum it all up, the purpose of Whizzl is to redefine feedback, reduce miscommunications, and have a more reliable rating system for everyone. This app is especially useful for business owners, NGOs, and property building management as it is a social media platform that can increase efficiency in managing an organization or building.

There you have it, how the Whizzl App works! Oh, and don’t forget to download Whizzl on Fuhla App Today!