Wondering how Fuhla – Your Personalised App works?

Your Benefits as a User

  • Spend less. This means you can save more money!
  • Get things done faster and more efficient! We recommend to you apps that will solve some of your daily frustrations.
  • Earn some side-income. Yes, with Fuhla, you have a chance to earn some $$$
  • Keep up with the trend! We recommend you apps that are not just useful, but also trending.

Can You Show Me How Fuhla Works?

Of course! To begin, you need to download Fuhla App from your playstore.

  1. Open the app on your phone and click ”Let’s Start”.
  2. Click on the apps displayed to view details.
  3. Click on “Try App” to download the app you viewed.
  4. Click on “Get Promo Code” to check the latest promo code available.
  5. Click “Copy” to copy the promo code to your clip board.
  6. Use the promo code and apply according to instructions.

How Do I Get Cash Rewards?

When you download selected apps, you will get some cash. How much cash, you ask? You will have to install to find out 😉

You will get half the amount once the app is installed, and the other half will be given over 30 days to you for OPENING the app. Just click on the green “Open App” button to open the app.

Besides downloading apps to earn some cash, you can also earn by referring Fuhla app to your friends and family members. Keep reading and we’ll tell you more about this later.



How Does Fuhla Recommend Apps to Me?

This is what we mean when we say we are your personalised app store.

When you download Fuhla and register an account with us, our system is set to recommend you apps that are available based on your profile.

We recommend apps according to your age, gender, race, and location especially. Therefore, if we feel the apps are suitable for you, we will definitely recommend them to you!

How Does Fuhla Track Installations?

Fuhla will track your installed apps on your Android device. You must keep the apps you download for at least 30 days to enjoy full rewards from Fuhla.

Do take note though, if you have ever downloaded the app on your phone before, redownloading it on Fuhla will not work as our system will be able to trace it.

Let me give you an example: Let’s say you have downloaded Shopee app on your phone in 2019, and you uninstalled Shopee in 2020. Now in 2021, Shopee is available for download on Fuhla and you should receive RM1 from us. However, because you have downloaded Shopee on your android before, redownloading Shopee now will not enable you to gain that RM1 from us.


How Am I Rewarded for Referring Fuhla to Others?

We will pay you RM1.50 to refer Fuhla app to others, as long as your friends use your referral code.

Refer A Friend

To refer Fuhla to someone, go to your Profile section > Invite a Friend and Earn. Copy your referral code and share it to your friends or family members. You can also click on “Share” to send a link directly to the people you wish to refer Fuhla to.

What Can I Do With the Money I Have?

Fuhla is no e-wallet, but on the top right corner of your Fuhla account, you can see the amount of money you have. Once you have reached a minimum amount of RM10, feel free to go to your Profile section > Cahsout.

You will see the amount of money you can cashout. Click on “Cashout Now” to submit your request. Again, you need a minimum amount of RM10 in order to cash out any available money inside your account.

How Am I Helping The Malaysian Economy?

Great question! Fuhla isn’t just an app to help you save, Fuhla also works with other Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Malaysia. Those apps we introduce to you doesn’t just help you alone, you’re indirectly helping our country’s economy as well.

Try Out Fuhla App Now!

Wait no more! Download Fuhla App today and enjoy the many benefits available!

If you have more questions, you can visit our FAQ page at https://fuhla.com/how-to/.