Jazz Tan is 30 years old this year. She is the CEO of YouthsToday.com and Fuhla.com and she usually works from Monday – Friday. Before the pandemic, she had her meetings almost daily and she did her groceries on weekends. Travelling plays an essential role in her daily life especially since she has to drive almost everyday.

One day, her car broke down just right before the lockdown, her mechanic told her that it would not be possible to fix the engine as the parts will need to be shipped over from other country. She had to wait for months. She started changing her lifestyle by trying out all the different digital alternatives.

She listed out all the pros and cons of owning a car VS not owning a car.

This was what she did with her calculation:


Owning a car (Peugeot 207):


Per Month:
1. Monthly repayments – RM200
2. Toll – RM200
3. Parking – RM130
4. Car Wash – RM30
5. Car maintenance and repair – RM500
6. Car insurance and roadtax – RM58 (A year RM700)
7. Fuel – RM400


It takes her RM1,518 per month to drive a Peugeot around in Kuala Lumpur. The mental stress that takes on for her would be:



1. It reaches the destination fast.



1. Hours of driving that takes up her time
2. Traffic Jam
3. Finding parking spot at peak time (No place to park)
4. Time to find where she parked (Yes, she forgets where she parks)
5. Maintenance and repair that caused inconvenience (If it breaks down in the middle of the road especially) – Calling insurance claims and so forth
6. Groceries takes forever to line up, finding carpark and finding essentials.


Not owning a car:


Per Month:
1. SoCar – RM300
2. Trevo – RM150
3. GoGet – RM100
4. Jocom / Happy Fresh / Tesco – RM30 delivery fees
5. Grab / MyCar / FirstONE / Mula / Dacsee – RM200
6. Zoom or skype – FREE
7. MRT, LRT, Bus – RM30 (Government support now)






These are the app facilities she uses to also perform her daily operations and a change of lifestyle:

    • SoCar is a car sharing platform that charges between RM6 – RM12 per hour of car usage. Its available just next to her building.
    • Trevo is an app that sends the car directly to your door step to use for the whole day (RM40 – RM80 per day) depending on the car you book.
    • GoGet on the other hand have part timers that run your errands for you (Cheque, banking needs, grabbing something, send a parcel).
    • Jocom does the grocery delivering right to your door step.
    • E-hailing apps is only used for emergency as they are a bit expensive (Back to back meetings, short distance to LRT or MRTs)

These are the pros and cons :



1. She frees up a lot of time not driving but using it to be more productive in thinking (Unless its with SoCar or Trevo).
2. Time is better managed and she prioritizes important meetings over not so important ones.
3. Good excuse to say no to unnecessary meetings.
4. No more maintenance, toll, parking and fuel problem.



1. Planning ahead.
2. Potentially not suitable for family with kids below 5 years old.
3. Potentially not suitable for rural areas with poor data connection.

She compiled all these apps on Fuhla app store. If you want to participate in the community effort of reducing your cost of living as well as carbon footprint you can always download Fuhla here  and it gives you access to all the convenience apps in your locations.