Sharkbate Will Grow Your Business!

Sharkbate is a platform that connects you – as a merchant – with people who love to sell!

But Sharkbate is more than just that!

Just think of Sharkbate as a rewarding system that has an e-commerce capability.

With Sharkbate, you can:

    • Have a rewarding system that works both online and offline
    • Create unlimited sales content for your business.
    • Co-share resources to optimise performance.
    • Host a virtual campaign to attract customers.
    • Convert your ad clicks into clients

How to Create Free Account

To get started with Sharkbate, you will first need to sign up with them  on “”.

  1. Click “Get a Free Account”
  2. If you’re a merchant, select the merchant account
  3. Complete your personal and business details
  4. Click proceed
  5. Do note that the account is free. However, you will need to reload a minimum amount of RM500 credits. These credits will be deducted from your sales based on the budget you set. We will go through how the budget works later.
  6. You control how much you spend and no credit card details are stored.
    Just select the reload method you’re comfortable with.

Sharkbate Dashboard

Once your account is all set, you can access your Sharkbate dashboard.

The menu bar on your left is where you can access all your resources and tools:


To view the details of those who have grabbed your e-vouchers


To see the details of your sales for direct and verse.

    • Direct: For adding a single products
    • Verse: For adding multiple products


To view all the rewards, direct products, and verses you’ve created, which will appear at campaign, under listing, whereby partners can view and share them out.

How to Create a Reward?

Rewards can be anything like an e-voucher or good deals.

  1. Click on Create Reward > Choose from templates or start from scratch
  2. There are 4 sections to complete. Fill in the details about your reward. Sharkbate also has templates as reference for you. So, feel free to use them!
  3. Under Linkage is where you can choose your reward types: standard, bundle or direct link. You can understand more about each type by checking on the question mark icon.

Finally, set your budget and publish your reward!

Help Center

If you want to know more about the various ways you can benefit from Sharkbate, or how to work around their dashboard, just visit their help center!

Type in what you want to find, and the answer is all there.

Start Your New E-Commerce Journey!

With Sharkbate, there is no monthly subscription, allowing you to achieve greater sales at the cost you are comfortable with.

No doubt, Sharkbate aspires to make businesses and technology easy for common people like you and me. Making IT so simple, you can do IT.

Get your personal reward system now by signing up an account on Sharkbate with Fuhla!