Fuhla Scam
and Fraud

Fuhla is giving out FREE scam and fraud consultation coverage to all Malaysians using Fuhla App.



Register an account and complete your profile registration with Fuhla.

Be Active

Remain active for ONE (1) Month from the date of claim.

Program Validity

This program is open to users whom have registered a Fuhla account until 31st December 2021 only.


You can easily obtain this coverage by being a Fuhla active user for more than One (1) Month.​

If you face these issues:


Online Fraud

Purchase of product online and it didn't turn up.

Credit Card Fraud

Someone used your credit card or e-wallet to conduct transactions.

PDPA Breach

Companies have violated your personal data and privacy.

Lost Deposit

Your deposit is not returned.

Multilevel Marketing (MLM) Scam

Cheated by online MLM scams.



Someone has used your trademark online, or someone sues you for using theirs.

Customer Scam

Customer did not pay for your service when they have made an order from you online.

Legal Agreement

You received a contract online for an order, but the lengthy agreement contains misleading information.


Your system is hacked and the hacker threatens to blackmail you.

Data Breach

Your company’s data has been breached by hackers under the PDPA law.

Fuhla will cover you on the following:

Your benefits as an individual or a business owner:
  • Fuhla will provide step by step guide on how to make your claims against the defender

  • Fuhla will provide you the resources you need to get the defender penalised

  • Fuhla will provide directions on which government bodies or private bodies to facilitate in the incident.

  • Fuhla will provide recommendation on which professional bodies to help you with your case at a discounted rate (10% of the fees will be borne by Fuhla)

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Frequently asked questions

Users are not supposed to uninstall or delete Fuhla account from the last login date. Users can only make a claim after being active for at least One(1) Month on Fuhla.
You can always check the last app you tried out on Fuhla at the transaction history page of Fuhla.
Fill up the form and a personnel from Fuhla will be in touch with you.