You know how it feels when you think you memorized everything (back in those school days), but only to realize your mind can go blank once you enter the exam hall?

Yeah… that happens – and it can happen when you get scammed too. Touch wood la. Hopefully it never happens, but anyone can be scammed, anywhere and anytime.

No la … Won’t Happen One …

The topic of scam itself is no taboo. Almost every now and then, we hear news of different forms of scam cases. You’ve got to admit, these scammers are getting increasingly creative with their approaches. From simple scam phone calls to hacking someone’s account to trick you; pretending to be a police officer or even your lover – they will put in lots of effort in exchange for an opportunity to have your cash one way or another.

You’ve seen many cases, you know how to identify the red flags, you think you’re careful enough, but somehow (touch wood la) the scammer still outsmarted you and you lose some cash. What will you do?

Victims of scams often feel ashamed and tend to keep quiet about it. Why? Maybe they think it can never happen to them. In reality, it can happen to anyone and that is nothing to be ashamed of.

What Is For You:

We (Fuhla) want you to know that we’ve got your back and will support you with our Fuhla Scam and Fraud Protection Program

What started out as a local virus at Wuhan soon became a pandemic, but the virus wasn’t the only threat – humans too. With the Movement Control Order (MCO) in place, many have lost their jobs and thus turned to cunning ways to earn a living.

MCO also meant #stayathome for everyone. So, what does that lead to? Online shopping!

With countless online transaction activities going on, we understand many would have concerns over the safety of the internet and if certain transactions would be reliable, especially when your personal information is stored on the internet.

Think of Fuhla Scam and Fraud Protection as something like an insurance for you, except it is free. Yes. FREE. Fuhla is giving out FREE consultancy on scam and fraud coverage to all Malaysians has Fuhla App.

As scammers are increasingly active, especially since MCO has begun, this program will provide help and assistance to Malaysians who need advice regarding scam cases, or for those who are victims of scams.


Fuhla Scam and Fraud Protection is for both individuals and business owners.

Here are a few examples of scam issues that Fuhla will cover you as an individual:

    • Online Fraud
    • Credit Card Fraud
    • MLM Scam
    • Breach of PDPA
    • Lost Deposit

For business owners, we understand your issues and thus, this program will cover on the following cases:

    • Trademark scam or infringement
    • Customer scam
    • Data Breach
    • Legal Agreement scam
    • Blackmail

Your Benefits From Us

    • Fuhla will provide step by step guide on how to make your claims against the defender.
    • Fuhla will provide you the resources you need to get the defender penalized
    • Fuhla will provide directions on which government bodies or private bodies to facilitate in the incident.
    • Fuhla will provide recommendation of professional bodies to help you with your case at a discounted rate.

Get Covered Now!

This coverage is exclusively for active Fuhla App users only. So, if you haven’t download Fuhla App, get it now on your playstore.

Yes, it is that simple! Share this to your friends too, so they can be covered as well!

Sign up and use the code: SPC2020

More info on this program can be found on our page.