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A way for you to generate more money simply by sharing attractive products, services and marketplace to your friends and family.

Help all the Startups and Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) Companies to share their products, services and marketplace.

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MCO is affecting a lot of Businesses. Help them help you earn.

We connect Referrer like you with all the startups and SME companies who want to sell their products, services and marketplace to a wider audience. At Fuhla, we believe in the power of community coming together to create an impactful change.

Monetise Your Traffic By Creating An Impact

Fuhla’s technology makes sharing Affiliate links a breeze. It can’t get easier than that.

  • Affiliate Links

    The main idea is easy. You earn a commission after people click on your personal Affiliate link and make a purchase. All you need to do is to share your links with as many people as possible

  • Posters, Banners & Promo Codes

    We will provide you with attractive posters, banners and promo codes which you can use to get more clicks.

  • Powerful Statistics

    Numbers will help you make the right decisions. Use our comprehensive reporting and KPIs to know what’s missing and where to improve. Our reports are fast, almost real-time and super easy to use!


Browse & Pick Your Favourite Companies

We have many Affiliate programs from Startups and SMEs across different industries. Browse and pick the ones you want to promote.
We also connect you with product sponsorships.

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How It Works?

  • 1. Find Startups and SMEs that you love

    Copy your personalised & trackable links and share them to your website, blog or social media content. Use them to promote the products, services and marketplace.

  • 2. Promote companies to your audience

    Select companies that best fit your audience. Choose from many Affiliate programs with attractive commissions.

  • 3. Get clicks on your links

    Encourage your visitors to click through to the companies site via your links. Any visits from your link will be tracked back and recorded in your transaction page.

  • 4. Earn attractive commissions

    Companies pay a commission for every approved sale. Those can be checked on your transaction page, along with further details such as commission value etc.

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We Pay Super Fast!

We understand that cash flow is important to you. That’s why we are offering a fast payout to our referrer.

Other Affiliate Marketing

Usually other Affiliate Marketing companies only pay you after they get the cash from the respective Advertiser. We payout to you first.

Faster Payouts

You can withdraw your commission on validated transactions. Way before we get paid by our Clients. By just click on the cash out button and provide us your bank details.

Join our Community Group and Get support!

We believe by coming together as a community we can help the economy to grow in your country.

Your success is the country’s success because you are helping all the SME companies to grow.

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