Just. Shop. Conveniently. 

JOCOM is your pocket supermarket that is specialized in giving you the online grocery shopping experience. 

No more traffic.
No more parking issues.
No more long queues.


Jocom has a full range of groceries. To view the products available, just open the app and find the common grocery items you need under ‘groceries’.

Everything you need is sorted out into clear categories, including: Mommy & Baby, Beverages, Bulk Purchase, Chilled & Frozen, Fresh Market and more.

Therefore, just select the item group you need and add it to your cart. 

Feel like there’s something you’re forgetting on your shopping list? Or you are just not sure what to order? No worries! Just have a scroll at their main page for some ideas.

Jocom often has FB live sessions where they do giveaways, have cooking shows, promotions and etc.


Do also check out their TOP PICKS & BEST OFFERS! There’s really nothing better than an awesome deal 😉.


Need something for office snacks? Or a daily dose of caffeine, paired with crunchy biscuits? Visit their OFFICE PANTRY.


Want fresh meat, fruits and vegetables? Jocom’s FRESH MARKET is available for you. They have a wide selection of fresh products, just like fresh from your fridge. If you’re worried that the food may defrost or (let’s say ice-cream) melt, then set aside your concerns because JOCOM understands and will make sure your groceries are up to your expectations!


Do visit their WELLNESS section for items that is good for your mental, physical and emotional health.


Last but not least, ladies who need nutritious supplements and ingredients to recover from their recent deliveries can have a look at their CONFINEMENT category.

Purchasing is really simple and easy. Just follow the steps:

  1. Find the items you want to buy 
  2. Add them to your cart
  3. Click on ‘CHECKOUT NOW’
  4. Make sure you have the right address
  5. Leave a special note if you have any
  6. Click on ‘PLACE ORDER’
  7. Add any coupon code you might have
  8. Select your preferred payment option
  9. Agree to the T&C and press ‘CHECK OUT’

To all Boost wallet users, you can check out with Boost wallet on Jocom app to get instant cashbacks.

For Fave users, you can also visit your app for exclusive deals that come with limited quantity. 

For HSBC, Aeon Credit, and Public Bank users, good news too! You can enjoy discount codes specially for debit & credit card users upon checkout.


If you still have questions, just go to their menu bar by clicking on the ‘3 bar icon’ on the top left, then select ‘About Us’. Finally, find the FAQ section and open it. You will find your questions answered here. 

There you have it – A supermarket that literally fits into your pocket.

Start spending and earn JPoints at the same time. In return, you can redeem for extra discounts, even on Jocom’s weekly exclusive flash sales!

Don’t forget to download Jocom from Fuhla App today and get your RM5 OFF & FREE DELIVERY on your first purchase!