1. Open Fuhla application and click at the “LET’S START” button.

2. Click on Profile Tab and click at the “EDIT PROFILE” button.

3. Enter the Referral Code (IF ANY) if not, click on “GET STARTED” button.

4. Enter the phone number that you want to register with Fuhla.

5. Click on “Sign In” button and choose the email that you want to use.

1. If you are signed in but the phone number is already registered to another email, you will get a pop-up notification as above:

2. You can check the verification code provided in “SPAM/JUNK” folders in your email.

3. Insert the verification code in the space provided and click on the “VERIFY CODE” button.​

1. In the “HOME” tab section, click on the “NEW” section.​

2. Click on the “TRY APP” button of the application you want to download.​

3. You will be taken to the application section, then click on the “TRY APP” button.​

4. You’ll be taken to the Google Playstore to download the app. Click on the “Install” button to download the application.​

5. Open the Fuhla application again and click on the “INSTALLED” section. You’ll be able to see the downloaded applications.​

6. Click on the “OPEN” button to open the application and get rewarded.​

1. Click on the green word as shown above in the app to use the promo code provided.​

2. Click on “COPY PROMO CODE” to copy the promo code provided and use it within the application.​

1. Click on the “Profile” tab.​

2. Click on the “Sign Out” section.​

3. You will get a message box to confirm whether you really want to sign out. Click on “NO” to not continue. Click on “PROCEED” to sign out.​

1. Click on the “Profile” tab.

2. Click on “Cash Out” in the “PAYMENT METHODS” section.​

3. You will be taken to the “Account Balance” page.

4. Click on the “CASH OUT” button to proceed.
*Note: Minimum of RM10 for every cash out and remain the app you downloaded in your mobile for 30 days. *​

1. Click on the “Profile” tab.​​

fuhla invite friend

2. Click on “Invite a Friend and Earn” under “REFER”.

fuhla invite friend

3. Click on the logo next to the code to copy your code.

4. Click on the share icon below to share your code with different options.

5. Pick the option you want to share with your friends.

6. Check your friends that you refered in Download History with amount RM1.50.

7. If your friends have not yet completed their profile and haven’t downloaded any app, the amount will be RM0.00.

1. Click on the “DOWNLOAD HISTORY”.

2. You can view the downloaded app with the rewards you have received.

3. Your can check your completed referral.

1. Click on the “Profile” tab.​

2. Click on the “Add Payment” at the Payment Methods section.

3. Enter the required information in the space provided.

4. Click on the “Save” button after you have completed the required information.

1. Click on the “Profile” tab.

2. Click “Email us” in the Support section to send us an email.

3. Or click on Facebook link to chat with us.