For some, staying at home and watch netflix is a preferred option, but for others, doing TikTok videos and Youtube videos to gain fame is a dream. Well, if you’ve ever thought about going live and gaining fame, Bigo Live is really something you should look into then.

Bigo Live is a live streaming platform where users are able to share live moments with their followers. With this app, sharing live moments mean you can:

    • share your life/vlog
    • gain fans
    • receive gifts
    • make money
    • live in the moment. 

Here are a few ideas if you just started using Bigo Live:

1. You can choose to go live. 

Showcase your talents! If you can sing, then Sing! Love to dance? Just show off! If you love telling jokes, do it! It’s your stage when you go live on Bigo Live!

Going Live

To go live, just click on the round icon at the center of your homepage, and then press Go LIVE. Do make sure your background is good, and perhaps you can use their filter feature to make yourself look great before going live 😉

When you are live, there are various icons displayed at the bottom. Here are their functions (identify the numbers below each icon):

Icon 1: You can chat with your audience with the message icon.

Icon 2: The 3-bar icon allows you to show mirror effect, add filter, stickers, masks, flip camera, add music and more. You can slowly explore these features.

Icon 3: The camera icon allows you to make a screenshot or screen recording.

Icon 4: This icon enables you to invite guests to your live session.

Icon 5: The gift box is where you can find the gifts to give others.

2. You can make new friends on Bigo Live

Icon 6: This cute pac-man icon is their ‘Interactive Games’ feature which allows you to meet other Bigo Live users through interesting ways.

Team PK – allows you to form a group of PKs to go against other group PKs.

Party – allows you to join a party.

Line – allows you to choose someone from your friend’s list.

Match – matches you with a random user from Bigo Live. When you match with one, just start a conversation! 

Draw – works like a spinning wheel, fans can send you gifts when they spin the wheel.

3. Show Your Gaming Skills

Do you have any mad gaming skills?
Or games that you’re an expert at?
Or perhaps you just wanna game with others.

Well, whatever your reason may be, you can stream your game live too on Bigo Live! There are tons of games you can stream. Simply choose the game you want, and go live. Your game app will open and viewers can see what your game and how you play it.

4. Watch Live Streams

Bigo Live isn’t just for you to go live, you can view other talented people on live too by clicking on the streamers you wanna view. Scroll through your homepage, or you can search for their profile if you already know who is on Bigo Live.

5. Post

Other than live streaming alone, you can also post on your Bigo Live feed some updates. Your feed is under your profile, just find ‘My Post’.

Let’s Talk $$$

Bigo Live gives you the chance to earn money. For this you will need beans, which is something that you earn from your viewers.


Go to your profile section > wallet.  At your wallet, you can view your diamonds, beans, and coins.

If you have enough beans, you can choose to:

  1. Exchange these beans to diamonds and spend them on other streamers
  2. You can visit Bigo Live items store to get something you like
  3. Convert these beans to real cash. For this, you’ll need a minimum amount of 6.7k beans

Level Up

To Level up, you will need to gain Exp. Under your profile section > level, you can find some tips on leveling up. Here’s the list of activities and amount of exp you can gain:

  • Checking in daily gains you up to 25 Exp.
  • Watching other live streamers and Sharing a Live Room gets you up to 30Exp per day.
  • If you send gifts to others, you can also gain as much as 5Exp per diamond, whereas receiving gifts can help you gain up to 3Exp per bean received.

Of course, the fastest way to advance is being a VIP! But … you get the idea.

Try It Out Now!

With all these information, I hope you’re excited to be a live streamer on Bigo Live! Download it from Fuhla App today and start gaining your fans now!