How to Use OCTAPLUS [English]

Everyone loves cash, don’t you? So, what better way to earn extra cash from your spendings – CASHBACK!!!

Introducing the app OCTAPLUS!

Available on both web as well as app version, all you need to do is just Buy, Earn, and Explore with your preferred devices. Now I’ll show you how you can use this app on your mobile to get cashback.

Once you open the OctaPLUS app, it will bring you to the homepage, whereby various deals, numerous cashback stores, promotions, highlights, and etc are displayed. Best deals and discounts from all over the internet are gathered here at OctaPLUS. The percentage of cashback is mentioned on each merchant and there are over a hundred merchants on OctaPLUS! What’s even better? The list of merchants continues to grow!

How to Earn My Cashback?
Okay, straight to the point now, shall we? You’re here to find out how to earn some cash back after spending your hard-earned money online, so here are a few steps:

  1. Select your desired merchant (take Shopee for example) and you will be brought to the store page.
  2. Take note of the tracking period as well as the time taken to redeem that cashback of yours.
  3. Scroll down the page to view the cashback details, tips, and terms & conditions. A detailed tutorial on how to earn the cashback is available under each store page.
  4. Click on “Continue to Shoppee” (In some merchant stores, it would be “Activate Cashback”) and it will bring you to the merchant’s official webpage. From then on, just shop as normal.

Be sure to read the cashback details carefully to ensure successful cashback though. You wouldn’t want to lose the chance for some of your cashback into your pockets now. Also, OctaPLUS must be the last link you click before visiting the merchants’ official pages. If you get distracted and open other links or apps in the process of your purchase or booking, your cashback may not be tracked, and…chances are you can’t get your cashback.

Wish Tree & OctaSeeds

Oh, if you happen to notice a cute octopus jumping and spinning anywhere on your home screen, click on it immediately to redeem an OctaSEEED! Not only is it fun to spot out these little critters, but they are also the key to you getting certain items for only 50% of the normal price sold under Wish Tree!


Collect enough OctaSeeds and that dream item will be yours for only half the retail price! For example, I already have 40 OctaSeeds and I wish to purchase that 8.5-inch Writing Tablet. All I need to do is click into it, and select ‘Make a Wish’.

Excited to get more OctaSeeds? Just refer to your friends and once they have signed up, and their accounts verified, RM3 cashback bonus is yours for the taking!

Time to Review!
After playing around with the app and getting your cash back after a purchase, it’s time to write a review on your experience.

There are two ways you can post a review. You can either:

  1. Write an article by linking it with your personal blog post
  2. Write a story and share it to the public! For this step, you’ll need to include a cover photo and it works like uploading a regular picture.

Once you are done with drafting a review, you will be directed to a page that shows your review record. For each review you wish to post, it will be processed and approved accordingly. This is to ensure that the content you post is appropriate.

So Many Questions! Who to Ask?
Confused? Having lots of questions on your mind? Don’t worry, you’re not  alone. That’s why OctaPLUS has already prepared a ‘Help Center’ for you! 

Just go to your menu icon, select the ‘Help Center’ section and a list of questions will appear. Among these questions, one of it could be yours! Next to each question you will see the plus sign, just click on it to see the answers. All the questions are answered clearly for you so don’t worry.

Download Now!!!
Ready to give OctaPLUS a try for cashback chances? What are you waiting for?! Download this app with Fuhla App now celebrate Raya joys together with OctaPLUS this year! Exciting upsized cashback up to 10% with your favourite stores available every day!