Custom Event Name


A custom Event name can be anything you name in order for Fuhla SDK to identify that variable to payout successfully to the referrer.

You may consider examples of Custom Event name as below:

  • signup
  • register
  • purchase
  • discount

We suggest that you give a custom Event name that is relevant to the action you want your users to perform on your website or application.


How custom Event name works:


custom Event name: purchase

If you give the custom Event name as ‘purchase’, the Fuhla SDK will recognize the variable ‘purchase’ as a successful trigger

When you embed Fuhla’s SDK or codes into your website or application (at the end of the checkout page or checkout cart) it will callback ‘purchase’ when it identifies it as a successful referral.

This means, when a referrer shares out the unique link to a user and the user performs a ‘purchase’ in your system, the referrer will eventually be paid a commission on Fuhla.


The custom Event name allows the system to track each referrer that sends the users to your website or application to perform an action.

The action = custom Event name.

*Note: event must be all lower case, no space and no special charater