The year 2020 has not been kind to many of us. This virus outbreak has caused countless inconveniences to numerous people. Many have to accept a pay cut, while others suffered unemployment. In all honesty, we were not ready for this pandemic when it hit us, but we were forced to adapt to the ‘new normal’.

Malaysians are now battling the third wave of Covid-19, with over a thousand cases a day … who knows when this nightmare will end.

Go outside also scared will catch the corona virus. I mean … many patients who tested positive for this annoying virus do not have any symptoms. How leh?

If not scared of the virus, also will be scared for (accidentally) violating CMCO. I mean … RM 1,000 saman ain’t a small figure, ya know, considering earning RM2,208 per month for a household is considered under the poverty group. Without a doubt, that RM 1,000 fine is a huge financial burden to many Malaysians.

Even if you don’t get fined that RM 1,000 … This pandemic has also raised some unwanted expenses. In this case, a Covid-19 swab tests costs around RM200 or more. Just because you have no symptoms, if you (touch wood la) were in close contact with someone who is tested positive for this virus, you will also need to take the test, whether you like it or not.

By the way, even your health insurance also won’t cover the cost for a Covid-19 swab test. Walao Eh! So for sure, the thought of needing to come up with that kind of money will definitely make you think twice about getting tested right?

That’s why Fuhla is gonna support you as a Malaysian, by giving out up to 40 FREE COVID-19 SWAB TESTS. We hope to take this financial burden off your shoulder.

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