Looking for a smarter way to spend in 2020 2021? 
How about giving ZCITY a try and discover
how this app can bring you amazing rewards?

ZCITY isn’t just another e-wallet.

ZCITY is an app which gives you CASH REBATESFREE VOUCHERS,
HOT DEALS and PROMOTIONS when you spend at any Zmerchant.

What makes ZCITY different:

    • No top-up required
    • No bank card binding required
    • Multiple rewards
    • Select your preferred e-wallet for payment

In fact, there are many Zmerchants for you to choose, ranging from various categories including F&B, furniture, beauty & wellness, digital products and the list goes on!

Not only that, now you can even pay your bills with ZCITY!

Let me show you how ZCITY works:

  1. Tap on Scan & Pay at the bottom center of your homepage
  2. Scan the QR code of the merchant
  3. Insert the exact amount you need to pay
  4. Tap on credit deduction in order to enjoy instant discounts
  5. Select your preferred payment method

It’s simple and easy to use. Plus, you don’t need to top-up credit for this e-wallet, and you can still get points from this method!


As a new user, you get FREE GIFTS from ZCITY!

Once you have registered, remember to:

  1. Tap on the “FREE GIFT FOR YOU” at your homepage.
  2. Select your preferred voucher.
  3. Tap “Claim now” to claim your voucher.
  4. Submit to confirm.

When you wanna redeem, just present the QR code to the cashier!


Whenever you want to redeem your voucher:

Go to your ME page >  tap “My vouchers” > Present the QR code to the cashier.

Once the merchant cashier has scanned your code, the voucher is successfully redeemed



Download ZCITY App with Fuhla and get RM8 instantly! New Users get 200 reward points instantly! Continue to earn these reward points and use them as discounts on your next payments.