Fuhla App Community

  • Fuhla is the largest app trying community. Try out different apps that fits your user profile and get rewarded / paid from it.
  • Help get your voice and feedback heard.
  • Help support SMEs and Startups to make their mark in the community.

Why Should You Help Promote

With Fuhla!

When you help an app to try out and give them your feedback, it rewards you with points and cash that you can use an extra buck on! Furthermore, your feedback helps an app to grow as well as raise their standards in the economy and community! Play your part to try out new apps and give early-startups a boost and even out their playing field with big corporates as well. Be the early adopters and change needed in the world !

Quality App Reviews and Working Model

Help the app to give honest feedback and also try out their different features, if you like it, keep the app on your phone, if you don’t feedback why. Get started today!

o-woman-holding-a-smartphone-facebook.jpg Download Fuhla and be apart of our community today!
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