How to Use SNAAAP [English]

QR Codes are available everywhere, and you have probably used a QR Scanner before, but have you ever heard of the App SNAAAP?

You may be wondering at this moment, “What is SNAAAP App?”. Well, let me tell you a piece of good news then – SNAAAP is an app designed to reward you as a consumer. Yes!!! You heard it right! The app actually gives you monetary rewards when you use it on the merchants available on the App.

That’s basically how it works.

SNAAAP rewards you for shopping at your favourite stores and by telling your friends about it!

How does it work? Simple. You will mainly need to navigate around 3 icons:

  1. The Scanner – Just click on the icon at the bottom center and scan.
  2. The Shop Icon – Click to find your favourite products or even milk tea for example.
  3. The Me Icon – To edit your profile, share with your friends, or check your activity history.

Oh, and did you know you can earn
up to RM9 worth of points for every friend who downloads? Not only do your points come from sharing SNAAAP to your friends, but you will also earn points when your friends share with their friends! So, don’t just stand there, share it to your friends!

So…once you get those SNAAAP points…what can you do with them? Here, let me give you a few ideas:

  1. Redeem for Deals. Just select what you want when you shop on the App
  2. Spend them when making purchases for Products in the SNAAAP App
  3. Spend them when making any payments with Snaaap2Pay at our SNAAAP Merchant outlets.

We’ve all been there. You see a QR Code, and you scan it. Instead of using a regular QR Scanner, why not use SNAAAP? Be it a QR Code of a location, a product item, or just any random QR code, you will never know what you’ll find! And all your points are just a SNAAAP away!!! 😉

What are you waiting for? Download it with Fuhla App today!

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