Introducing GoPayz, your one of a kind e-wallet introduced by U Mobile! 

I know what you’re thinking. Another E-wallet? 

Wait. Before you judge, let me show you how this e-wallet combines both a virtual and physical experience for you. 

And how this one e-wallet has all the services you can only imagine!

What’s even better, you are not limited to using this in Malaysia only. YESSS! This is a universal e-wallet which can be used even when you travel to other countries.

Financial Services

Let’s start with their financial services.

GoLife Plus

GoPayz offers small premium but powerful coverage for their life insurance known as GoLife Plus. From as low as RM13 monthly payment, you get life insurance coverage up to RM76,000! 

GoInsure PA

How about Personal Accidents insurance? Well, their GoInsure PA provides you with coverage of up to RM55,000 just by paying as low as RM6 monthly for this insurance!

Wealth section

This is where you can start your very own investment journey. You can invest in unit trusts, research financial articles, get insights on bonds, and more. You can also go into their Regular Savings Plan from as low as RM100/month. 

For this, you will first need to open a FSM One account. You can access the FSM One through GoPayz to do so.

Online Currency Exchange

Want to exchange currencies? Skip the queue and get the currency you need delivered to your doorstep. It’s that easy with GoPayz!


For those of you who need to send money to your family member residing outside of Malaysia, GoPayz has prepared a remittance service. Not to mention, the transfer time is as fast as 5 minutes! 

Other Insurances

GoPayz also offers both travel and motor insurance. Simply fill in your details and you will receive the best quotations available!


Bill Payment

For bill payments, you can pay your phone &internet bills, utilities, entertainments and more. 


Islamic Services

For many Muslims, I’m sure this is a useful feature and it encourages users to fulfil their zakat obligations such as Zakat Pendapatan, Zakat Perniagaan, Zakat Simpanan, Zakat Saham, Zakat KWSP, Zakat Emas, Zakat Perak, Qadha Zakat, Zakat Fitrah and Zakat Harta (lump sum payment).

For those staying at Perak, GoPayz also offers Wakaf and Derma services under MAIPk.


Lifestyle Services

With lifestyle services, you can shop online, purchase the tickets you need and last but not least, order food with Hungry when you’re…well, hungry of course.


E-Voucer Catalogue

A variety of awesome vouchers can be discovered here under E-voucher Catalogue. Check them out to get great deals.



There are many charity organizations in partnership with GoPayz. You can choose to make donations to the charity bodies conveniently here. 



Your wallet is where you can top up and check your balance, GoPointz and virtual prepaid cards. What are the virtual prepaid cards available? I’m glad you asked. They are Visa, Mastercard and UnionPay (UPI). As a user, you can also apply for their physical cards if you like. 

Remember how I mentioned GoPayz combines both virtual and physical experiences for you? This is it! When you have the physical cards from GoPayz, you can use it like any other credit card within Malaysia as well as outside Malaysia!

To top up, simply click on the amount of money on the top right (or wallet+ icon) and top up the desired amount you want. 



A variety of deals are available here such as Travel, Petrol, F&B, Shopping and more are coming soon!



As usual, just manage your personal details under this Profile section. Do upgrade your account to Premium Wallet to enjoy the complete features available on GoPayz. To upgrade, you just need to verify your identity.

There you have it,  get GoPayz and start spending smart on this app! Jom Sama-Sama Savvy together. 

Don’t forget to download it from Fuhla today. New users will get an e-voucher from GoPayz! 😉