Connect Your Community

List your App with us on Fuhla Store. You can acquire new users for your app. Start creating your own community with us now!

What is Fuhla?


Fuhla is the largest app trying community. Launch new app with us to acquire users.


Promote your app to real community users to try out your any apps that best suit them.


Fuhla increase your google ranking by having our community support.


The audience of your app are micro influencers. They help spread the word

Why Should You List Your App With Us?

When an app surpasses the threshold of 10,000 downloads, usually it is considered by users as worthy attention. It helps in increasing the google ranking and it creates more trust in your community of app users. This way of promotion is different because the greater the number of downloads, the more users pay attention to the app

What Fuhla Can Offer You?

Dashboard Report

Fuhla will be able to provide you a report on how many installs, clicks and opens to your app.

Personalised Email

Fuhla will help you to blast out personalised email to your community.

Real Installs

The Fuhla Community will be redirected to your Google Play Store to install and try out your app.


Fuhla will be able to also facilitate your app with promotions and marketing to the users or new acquired users.

Who are Fuhla Users?

- Malaysians and Foreigners that are currently residing in Malaysia.

- Age 18 – 55 years old.

- They come to Fuhla to try out new app.

- Android users.


What are Fuhla Users Behaviours?

- Attracted to new promotions or trend in the market.
- Wants to try something new.
- Early adopter of technology or new apps.
- Able to influence their friends and family to try new things.
- Leaders of their community, groups or families

Our Partners


Fuhla users will be notified when your app is listed with us. You can throw in promo code to attract users. We also share our advertising revenue with all our users.
Yes, you can select the users base on their demographics such as age, gender, location and profiles.
Let's get in touch, email us at or you can drop us a message on the order form.
We only bill you on successful install and help you deep dive to your target audience.