Convert Your Customers to Become Referrers

Are you a startup or SME business owner? Use our Fuhla Sales Referral Tool for FREE. Payout a commission to the referrer only when there is a sale!


How It Works?

Its easy with few simple steps:

  • 1. Create reward and set commission for referrers to earn

  • 2. Plugin Fuhla SDK to EasyStore, Shopify E-commerce Website or App

  • 3. All referrers will be assigned a unique link to prevent leakages

  • 4. Fuhla manages all reward payout to referrers


Use our simple plugin to your website or app

By plugin to your website, app or marketplace, you can covert your customers to become your referrers.

Assign each of your customers with unique affiliate links

You can choose how much reward commission to payout to your customers if they refer your ecommerce website, app or marketplace to their network. You can choose when to payout the sales commission through our dashboard by pluging in the events at your checkout-carts.

Leverage on our Fuhla Referral Community

Once you plugin Fuhla to your website, app or marketplace, you will also have access to thousands of referrers on our community network that can help your business grow. All you need to do is create the reward commission on our dashboard and we will share it across Fuhla Community. This will drive more traffic to your website, app or marketplace.


Incentivize sharing and track wins

We believe by rewardng your customers to share and refer, it will create a win-win situation for both your business and your community.

Single-sided rewards

Reward customers when their friend takes action. Integrate our referral software with your important tools to track purchases, sign-ups, and other activity. Then, offer the referrer with a coupon, credit, or other incentive.


Receive up to $30 for every person you refer that signs up to Fun Now.

Double-sided rewards

When your users or customers refer a friend, you can offer a reward to their friend too, such as a coupon, credit, or freebie. This way, everyone wins.


Send a friend $40 in Trevo credit with TREVO40 promo code. You’ll get $20 when they book with Trevo.

*Examples shown might not represent Fuhla customers/ current campaign.


Designed for Startups or SME companies who want to award reward commission to their customers

Start converting your customers to raving fans of referrers to your products, services and marketplace!

App Owner

We have develop an SDK that you can easily plug-in to your app and power up your referral system. You can manage all referrers from our dashboard.

Website Owner

We have develop a snippet of code in the form of SDK that you can easily copy and paste on your website. This can easily sign up your customers to become your referrers.


Meet the referral tracking software designed to be simple from setup through rewards

It is as simple as plug and play.

Automatic link generator

Grow faster with a referral system that automatically creates a link for each user, so they don’t have to sign up in order to start sharing

Transparent pricing

Built to be a self-service SaaS product, Fuhla is FREE to use but only charges a 15% processing fees on the reward commission amount you set to your referrers.

Copy and paste to install

Embed super easy snippets of code into your web-based app, website, or marketplace to inspire instant sharing

Automated reward fulfillment

You can set and control the amount of reward commission and also the payouts to your referrers. You can either set it manualy or automatically.

Fast setup time

Say goodbye to weeks-long setup times, and get your entire referral marketing system up and running in a day

Fuhla Community

Get additional exposure by partnering up with our Fuhla Community of Referrals. Your products and services will be referred to thousands of other community users too.

Grow your business on autopilot 24/7 and deepen your bond with customers

Set up your referral marketing program with software that lowers your customer acquisition cost to NOTHING and saves you gobs of time.